Parent Testimonials


We are very happy with Rosemary Hall. Even loves going to school every day and has progressed a lot since the day he started going to Rosemary Hall. He loves interacting with the Montessori resources and other interesting corners in the school. We get regular weekly updates on what Even is doing in school and it is a pleasure to read and see his progress on a weekly basis. The teachers are warm and professional and the environment is very engaging.

Nathalie, Even's (3) mother

I brought Claire to the library today and to my delight and surprise she picked up a book and started reading!! REALLY reading the words without any prompting! I had to do a double take. When I asked her how she could read, she responded "I just know the words."

This is a very happy and momentous day for me.

I want to express my deepest appreciation to the teachers at Rosemary Hall for teaching Claire to read in just 2 short weeks of attending the school. All at Rosemary Hall deserve the highest praise.

Mabel, Claire's (5) mother