About Us


We are a team of highly passionate and motivated early childhood educators. We believe in education from a very young age and in the importance of capturing the windows of opportunity for learning in pre-schoolers.

Our teaching staff are highly qualified and experienced individuals with passion for children and a love for teaching.  Our Principal, Montessori Directress and Mandarin Teachers are trained in Montessori teaching and from various Institutions. Our Mandarin teachers are native Mandarin speaker who have built their career in the development of Mandarin curriculums and teaching young children a love and grasp of the Mandarin Language.
Our enrichment providers are carefully chosen to bring the best to our doorstep.

We are here to serve you while you focus on your individual careers and other pursuits. We will not waste a single moment of the day in nurturing your child to learn, develop and grow into the individual she was meant to be.