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Premium Montessori Preschool

Rosemary Hall Montessori offers a high level of one-on-one interaction between children and their teachers. Our children benefit from individualized attention and learning programmes and their progress and development is rigorously documented and shared with parents.

Rosemary Hall Montessori has two Childcare Centres (Robinson Road and Katong) in the prime areas of Singapore. All of our centres are uniquely situated and positioned for different needs of children. They are richly resourced environment designed to create an aesthetically beautiful environment, with a world-class curriculum that engages and encourages children to enjoy learning. We have attracted children from 14 different nationalities, who are exposed to a rich, culturally diverse environment where they can learn much and develop important social skills. We follow an authentic Montessori curriculum that is delivered by trained educators and also draw inspiration from research-based best practices such as the principles and guidelines of the Early Years Foundation Framework followed in the UK early years programme.

Our Montessori curriculum encourages children to have a good Character, to be Self-Confident and to be Creative so that they will grow up to be competent global citizens. Through a rigorous Montessori program and rich array of learning experiences that focus on specific developmental domains, ample opportunity for both outdoor and indoor run and play, and an emphasis on nurturing and collaborating, we foster learning, growth and preparation for the world ahead.

Our curriculum brings the best of Early Childhood Education into a single place: The Montessori training of the mind plus a rich variety of Afternoon Enrichment Programs to choose from, including English and Chinese Speech & Drama.  Our Afternoon Classes focus on Preparing for Grade 1, and Toddler's Early Foundation in Math and Phonics.

Rosemary Hall Montessori is proud to be recognised to be one of the best Montessori preschool in Singapore.

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